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Love Michaela Rena

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Rev. Michaela Rena D.D.

Happiness is contagious!

Dancing was my passion. Then my Mommy died, and it seemed that it wasn't any use to dance any longer. I let my body slip out of shape, and allowed my mind to hold self sabotage behavior.

Can you imagine what you can accomplish when 'messy' is cleaned up?
I am excited to see how this is blossoming! Come on along. Having this much fun is contagious! 💃🏼

Video credit: Michaela Rena
music credit: indie creator content


Get that body Back, Baby!

This is for you!

I wanted to be inspired to heal my body. I was tired of the way I felt in my mind, I didn't like how my body looked in the mirror and I felt like it was not going to get any better. 

What a lie I was telling myself!!!

I created this space to remind me that I am beautiful, well, and things do get better... every day!

I knew that if I could do it for me, It would be helpful for someone else too!

Thank you for deciding to join my journey and my discovery. I know that you will have a journey and discovery too! I welcome you to share it with me as we grow beyond limitation and achieve what we desire to BE!!!

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