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Love Michaela Rena

Experienced Public Speaker, Author, Wellness Coach

The Heart

Desiring better circumstances


Do you desire to  Enjoy a carefree life-style?

release stress & worry


Do you dream of Living a Stress and Worry Free Life?

Become emotionally strong


Do you feel life would be better if you could live Emotionally pain free?

purposeful manifestations


Do you desire to accomplish your goals with ease and have the support of your family and friends?

experience breakthrough


Have you wanted to discover healthier alternatives to dealing with PTSD or emotional crisis?


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If you could have support every month, to erase negative emotional toxic thoughts, would you connect with a community that has daily, weekly and monthly activity that include the "7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself®' sessions?


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🌹 Our Mission: B.A.L.L.
Blissful Abundant Living Ladies
It is to create a thriving wellness woman community with camaraderie and joy, that bring healing to the heart of woman as a collective. We are Life, Happiness & Bliss on Fire!"

This group is about one thing: helping Women to change their formula to get results.

Fee Based group: $299.99 per month (1 year subscription) and receive:

🔹Get 3 Keys to Abundant Living Complimentary

🔹Participate in our Free Monthly Activity

🔹Get personalized help with "7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself®" sessions

🔹In this group, please feel free to post your questions, wins, advice, and challenges.


🔹 Receive publication  "7 Days to Blissful Abundance'  and blessing gift (will be provided within 45 days of group participation). 

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* This work is a supportive and gradual healing modality that gently allows you to experience stability and connection at a steady pace. The group annual rate is $$3588.00 to be paid monthly in the amount of $299.99 for 12 months with an auto payment due  scheduled on the original date of your initial billing schedule. 

This program group fee is non-refundable and cannot be extended or passed to another individual.

 Renewal is an option with an opt-in letter prior to the end of the annual program.

*If family emergency occurs such as incapacitation or death, upon notice to admin, the payments will cease within next upcoming dues. No refunds will be given for any time lapse. 

The retail value of this program is $4999.99

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 I am the Founder of Love Michaela Rena© and the group founder of Blissful Abundant Living©, Exclusively Well Blissful Influencers©, Blissful Advantage©, Blissful Gold©, Blissful Platinum Groups©, Sisterhood of Abundance© for Weight Release Support, Maiden’s Bouquet©, & Maiden’s Cauldron©

I have a new published book,  "7 Days to Blissful Abundance" (Online Barnes & Nobles). I serve as an Ordained Minister (1990) and Master Certified Emotional Clearing Practitioner with a recognized 100% effective result based practice (UC Irvine Blind Study)

My intent is to offer support and create a space for expression as a community of women that desire to feel well personally and with one another .

I have accomplished many wonderful activities in my past, such as Dancing for Pro NBA with the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers as a Laker Girl. I have founded dance programs and have participated and accomplished winning the Pageant as Miss Black Sacramento as a representation of our State Capital.

I have achieved many wonderful accomplishments, however, none as rewarding  & passionate that I feel  in assisting women to thrive and be well!

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